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Fritzbox and remote access

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1 Fritzbox and remote access il Lun Lug 18, 2011 7:45 am


nuovo utente
nuovo utente
Hi all,

I have problem with my parents old fritzbox fon device. I cant access from WAN side to device for remote management. When I type public IP address at my parents home cant access web interface. Browser only shows header of web interface and shows no content. It happened before but there is fix in Firefox settings for correct display of fritzbox web interface. Which cant remember any more. Can you please help me to correctly open fritzbox web management in Firefox web browser??

2 Re: Fritzbox and remote access il Lun Lug 18, 2011 8:42 am


Hi, try these steps to fix your problem:

- Make a backup of your boookmarks(thru bookmarks menu->organize-> export function and save the file on your desktop), extensions and plugins can be noted on a paper or file to reinstall ahead;

- Uninstall your firefox from windows' control panel (I'm assuming you use it , in case you're using different operating systems use their uninstall function);

- Find a folder named .mozilla and delete it;

- Download from and install firefox;
- Import your bookmarks' backup file (same procedure than before, just choose import this time);
- Install your extensions and plugins .

That's it. affraid Have a fun! bounce


3 Re: Fritzbox and remote access il Lun Lug 18, 2011 9:24 am


nuovo utente
nuovo utente
Thanks for answer but I already tried that. No help.
I think that my solution is connected with Java or flash tweaking's in my browser to be correctly displayed ..... But cant remember...

4 Re: Fritzbox and remote access il Lun Lug 18, 2011 7:37 pm


The old fritz box fon doesn't support remote access.

I miei fritz attualmente al lavoro:
Fritz box fon WLAN 7360v1 - fw. 111.06.30 by AVM
..e quelli a riposo:
Fritz box fon wlan 7170 SL v1 29.04.87-ITA-by-Annex-massinge_b_1.02

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