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Fritz!BOX 7050 conversion from 04.3x to 04.15 update for wiki [English]

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Hello friends,

It has been a while since I last did some posting but I was around reading.

Ok, this is small contribution to existing wiki article on our portal.

First of all we have two pages for this procedure:



- 1) link in its guide at 2nd step gives two links

- first on how to extract mtd2.bin from existing Fritz!BOX with firmware that is below 14.04.31
- second for download of already extracted mtd2.bin

However both links are broken!

- 2) link also gives these two links with 1st being broken and second working [download of mtd2.bin]

[[ first link in both articles should be this one: ]]

Anyway I did procedure of second page and got some interesting results that conclude that wiki articles should be updated

Ok, what i did was like this:
[[firmware of my box was 14.04.31]]

[1] downloaded mtd2.bin from working link and made adam2 bootloader working, did setenv firmware version [this step is must!]

[2] did recovery with 14.04.15 German annex b recovery exe

Ok, now problems started.

The box was offline. I just wanted to do check on its web interface and while FireFox started it open my homepage with error of 404 arm7 instead of normal FireFox page that gives information that url is unreachable.

At that time even page was giving same result - but was working fine!

So I tryed to do recovery once again with same 14.04.15 recovery exe. It gave me error that mtd1 has error of 1460!

At this time I did try Speed2Fritz to recover firmware or to upgrade it directly to English Annex A [which is mine goal], but S2F could not establish connection with BOX!

[3] ok this is the step that should be added into wiki. I entered web interface and did firmware update to 14.04.25 - got it from this link: and after it I did recovery exe 14.04.15 once again and it passed without any problems and now everything is working as it should be.

So in chat with Lonegunman he concluded that mtd2.bin I downloaded from wiki link was from version 14.04.2x, so recovery of 14.04.15 after it did not change bootloader to 04.1x version but it did change partition tables. So when I did upgrade via web interface to 04.25 I made bootloader and partitions to be both same version 04.25. Only now recovery of 04.15 could change both bootloader and partitions to its version.

So conclusion is that wiki should be updated by changing the mtd2.bin version from 14.04.2x to 14.04.1x or by adding the step of updating firmware to 14.04.25 after recovery of 14.04.15.

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