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Fritz!BOX 7050 WiFi Problem [English]

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1Fritz!BOX 7050 WiFi Problem [English] Empty Fritz!BOX 7050 WiFi Problem [English] Dom Mag 09, 2010 10:25 am




after I finaly managed to switch to English language firmware I got my self a problem. While browsing Fritz web interface I clicked on WLAN menu and suddenly whole box got stuck. So I first try to power off and on but web interface was unavailable so I did recovery with english FW. After recovery web interface was available again and I could click on WLAN menu, but WiFi is just not working. I tried with few laptops and desktops and they cant see Fritz. I tried to change antena with another - from FB 7240 but no luck.

Does anyone else got this problem? All other options are working except WiFi - I also try to remove miniwifi card from BOX but than when I connect power cable all leds just blink! I will try to find another miniwifi card to try with it or reflash back to German FW but prior to that I wanted to hear yours opinion.



I tried putting in an Asus miniPCI wifi card but Fritz starts to flash with all LEDs soon after it boots up.



Yet another update:

When I connect LAN A cable to BOX, in Win it behaves strangely, it is doing reconnecting very fast for several seconds - "network estamblished" to "network disconnected" several times till it settles down.

Just adding this so you may be more informed about whole situation if this happened already to someone I assume you already have solution.




BOX is dieing!

I tried to flash with 4.31 de recovery but it says its not compatibile. So I guess I need to change HW revision to 76, annex to B, OEM from avme to avm.

Now it is playing really slow - it does not changes settings, it refuses to do recovery even with english FW giveing winerror 1146 i think etc.

I am in need of settings to BOX him back to DE firmware as soon as possible. I would go trought whole process of boot loader and everything but knowing that 4.31 has whole different partition table than older firmwares I dont want to experiment. So I am waiting for yours instructions.



Follow these steps:

1) connect via ftp to the fritz box and wright :

quote SETENV annex,B
quote SETENV HWRevision,76
quote SETENV ProductID,Fritz_Box_7050
quote SETENV firmware_version,avm

2) download and execute this recovery:

recovery DE 14.04.15 annex B

3) if you want upgrade on web interface to version 14.04.31.

Let me now if you have any problem,

I miei fritz attualmente al lavoro:
Fritz box fon WLAN 7360v1 - fw. 111.06.30 by AVM
..e quelli a riposo:
Fritz box fon wlan 7170 SL v1 29.04.87-ITA-by-Annex-massinge_b_1.02

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