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How can I access my router's program? [English]

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nuovo utente
I have a FRITZ!Box 3272 and since I have a lot of connection issues (insanely high ping when I'm not home alone, poor signal range of only 3/5 lines 12-13 meters away from the router etc), before I rush into buying a new router I want to go through the router's settings and see what's up, but how do I do that? I go to , I entered my WLAN Network Key as requested, and then I'm supposed to enter yet another password ( "Il FRITZ!Box vi dà il benvenuto Registratevi con la vostra password."). Problem is that I don't know what password it's talking about, I wasn't here when my parents bought the router and they swear they didn't enter any password or mail ever so I can't go on the FritzBox site to request a new password. What is there to do, how can I access the router's settings?

P.S: I'm sorry about the post being in English, I just started studying italian and I'm like at a A2 level Very Happy


do not worry about the language ... see at page 113 of the manual, there should be what you're trying to do

english manual

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Super Mod
Super Mod
Hi Br3ak and welcome here with us.
If you have original ISP configurations, i guess is better for you a fully reset of router and use the Wizard again.
Probably your parents have typed a password when they have initialized the router the first time, a new begining, can give to you the possibility to set a new password for administrator user.
i guess is the best practice.
Use the manual for the workaround.

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How can I access my router's program? [English] 8699127925

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