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firmware internazionale per 7360 versione 111.05.50 disponibile!

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A quanto pare per il 7360 c'è un nuovo firmware internazionale e ufficiale: il 111.05.50! ed è uscito il 18 Marzo 2013! Purtroppo ci è sfuggito..

Guardate qui:
Queste le novità di questa versione (cliccate sullo spoiler):

Info for FRITZ!Box 7360

the update file in this folder contains the current firmware for FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7360.
Please download the file to your computer.

Important: This firmware is only intended for use with FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7360 International Edition

Product : FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7360
Version : FRITZ!OS 5.50 (111.05.50)
Language : English, French, Italian, Spanish
Annex : A and B
New Features : - Answering machine with timer and memos
- MyFRITZ! now available as an app – and needing just one password
- FRITZ!OS – fit for Smart Home
- New features for a true star: the FRITZ!Fon
- Multimedia and music, whenever and wherever

With this FRITZ!OS 5.50, AVM is enhancing its FRITZ!Box with higher speeds, greater
convenience and a range of useful functions. Improvements to the telephone book,
answering machine, MyFRITZ!, Smart Home, FRITZ!Fon and NAS create new possibilities
and really step up convenience.

Would you like to update your FRITZ!Box with the new functions?
All you need to do is use the update wizard to search for the new version of FRITZ!OS.
Once the update is available, you’re only two clicks away from conveniently bringing
your FRITZ!Box up to date. This means FRITZ!OS 5.50 has over 100 new functions and
improvements for your FRITZ!Box, all of them completely free of charge.

The versatile answering machine now has its very own menu item in the FRITZ!Box user
interface. Messages can now be played on the start page itself and the new timer makes
everything that much more convenient: all you need to do is define the times when the
answering machine is to be active.

Leave yourself and others a voice message using the memo function – it really couldn’t
be more simple! You can also forward your new messages and memos via e-mail so that you
can listen to them on your smartphone or tablet, for example.

MyFRITZ! now available as an app – and needing just one password
With MyFRITZ!App, you can now keep an eye on your home network on the go.
This means you can conveniently access your calls, voice messages and your Smart Home devices.

The popular, free-of-charge MyFRITZ! service – the cloud you can trust – is now even more
convenient and easy to use, and just as secure as ever: with the new FRITZ!OS 5.50, all
you need to access the services MyFRITZ! and when on the go is to register once
– meaning you can connect to your home FRITZ!Box in record time from your smartphone or
office computer

FRITZ!OS – fit for Smart Home
FRITZ!OS 5.50 enhances the plethora of possibilities available on your FRITZ!Box by taking
it into the new Smart Home area. Together with the upcoming intelligent socket FRITZ!DECT 200,
you can conveniently operate your electrical devices – whether you’re using a PC, tablet or
your FRITZ!Fon. Smartphones can also be used in conjunction with the MyFRITZ!App
(Android and soon for iOS) for ease of operation.

Intelligent switching programs will make life with the FRITZ! Smart Home even more pleasant
– and with functions such as random switching, even more secure. So you’ll be able to leave
it up to FRITZ!DECT 200 to manage the sunrise/sunset function – or use your Google Calendar
for the switching commands. FRITZ!DECT 200 will also measure the energy consumption and
related costs of networked devices, even over longer periods and, on request, send you
this information via e-mail.

New features for a true star: the FRITZ!Fon
FRITZ!Fon now features a favorites list that makes it considerably easier to access your
favorite functions. This is also where you’ll find the new media player, Smart Home and your
web radio. A further new feature of the FRITZ!Fon MT-F is the start screen, which instantly
provides you with an overview of the key events, such as incoming calls, e-mails, and voice
messages. And with the new search function, you’ll find the contact you’re looking for in the
telephone book more quickly – by their first or last name.

Your FRITZ!Fon can also be used in conjunction with the FRITZ!DECT 200 as a remote control
to manage all devices connected via the intelligent socket. So you can conveniently switch
your Smart Home devices on and off, and monitor power consumption.

Multimedia and music, whenever and wherever
FRITZ!OS 5.50 brings a media player to the FRITZ!Fon cordless telephone for the first time.
The player will conveniently play the music saved on your FRITZ!Box and/or other media servers.
With FRITZ!Fon, you can also define which songs are played on other UPnP-enabled devices, for
instance on the FRITZ!WLAN Repeater N/G or speakers with wireless capability.

Using two FRITZ!Fon devices? Well, you can now stream two separate kinds of music, for
instance web radio and podcasts, on the two cordless telephones. Alternatively, you can
deploy your Android smartphone, or FRITZ!App Media, as a convenient way of managing your
media library.

new with version FRITZ!OS 5.50:

NEW: Search and scroll in the phone-book
NEW: answering machine now has it's own menu entry
NEW: Upload your own welcome message
NEW: timer for the answering machine
NEW: set the wakeup-message for the alarm
NEW: IP-telephones can be used over the internet (connect your smartphone to the FRITZ!Box and use it on the road)

NEW: simplified setup of internet account data
NEW: Child protection now uses same design as home network
NEW: Child protection now disconnects active sessions when the surf time is used up
improved presentation of IPv6 functions
improved performance with activated child protection
prevents broadcasting IPv4 multicast with local scope to the internet
fixed problem with dynamic DNS-provider DNS4BIZ

NEW: interop improvements
NEW: DSL-spectrum graphic now displays max- and min-values
NEW: DSL-line test can diagnose the physical DSL-connection

NEW: new repeater function to improve the range of a WLAN network
Warning: If you were using WDS: with this update WDS is changed. It is
not compatible to the older version of the repeater function any longer.
NEW: allows automatic transfer of night-settings to your FRITZ!WLAN Repeater

NEW: Mediaplayer for FRITZ!Fon and external players (uPNP-AV)
NEW: Support for Smart Home (FRITZ!DECT 200)
NEW: record personal memos in the answering machine
NEW: start-screen of the FRITZ!Fon MT-F can now be navigated *
NEW: setup of alarmsignal/Internetradio on the handset*
NEW: setup of favorites
fixed a problem, where key lock could not be deactivated on incoming call

Home Network
NEW: New Smart Home area in the Home Network menu
NEW: control of Smart Home devices via browser
NEW: Integration of the intelligent power plug FRITZ!DECT 200 in FRITZ!OS**
NEW: FRITZ!DECT 200 manual and automatic switching, from the Home Network or over the internet
NEW: FRITZ!DECT 200 measures the energy consumption of connected devices
NEW: FRITZ!DECT 200 all information and consumption details in a push-mail
NEW: display if a network device is connected via Repeater/Powerline
NEW: integrated network time server will provide time and date to all network devices
improved display of device-details

NEW: MyFRITZ!-use can now login with the same account to MyFRITZ! and the FRITZ!Box
NEW: Improved MyFRITZ!-Start page for mobile devices, integrated Smart Home support
NEW: support for MyFRITZ! App (Android).
NEW: MyFRITZ!-access for simple worldwide access to Home Network devices via subdomain-name
NEW: When creating a new account from the FRITZ!Box web interface, the name of the FRITZ!Box will automatically be used on MyFRITZ!

Memory(NAS) and USB
NEW: separate shares and read-/write access for every FRITZ!Box user
NEW: USB-memory can now be disconnected separately
improved USB device handling

Media server
NEW: playback music for the Media server with FRITZ!Fon*
NEW: added support for FLAC & M4A

NEW: new start page, quicker access to voice messages and comfort functions
NEW: FRITZ!Box-user with different access rights for setup, telephone and storage
NEW: display new voice-messages on the bottom right of the start page
added new mailservers for push service setup
start page now also displays status of LAN-guestaccess and Smart Home
LAN-settings moved to Home Network

NEW: Option to allow use of internet telephony over mobile internet connections
NEW: intelligent USB-3G dongle detection

Important details regarding this update:

Tip: to use the new functions of the FRITZ!Box web interface, please use a
Webbrowser with HTML5-support (for example the current versions of Chrome,
Firefox or Safari)

* To be able to use all new features of the FRITZ!Fon family, please also
update the firmware of the FRITZ!Fon.

**To use this function, the intelligent power plug FRITZ!DECT 200 is required
Non resta che testarlo!


I miei fritz attualmente al lavoro:
Fritz box fon WLAN 7360v1 - fw. 111.06.30 by AVM
..e quelli a riposo:
Fritz box fon wlan 7170 SL v1 29.04.87-ITA-by-Annex-massinge_b_1.02

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