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Speedport 722

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1Speedport 722 Empty Speedport 722 il Mar Apr 19, 2011 7:02 am


Has anyone tried to convert Speedport 722 to Fritz like interface, English language and Annex A?

German wiki says Freetz has no support for it, Speed2Fritz has option but it says "for testing purposes only", but above all some Polish "eBay Fritz seller" [] claims that he has working 722 English multi annex firmware.

This Speedport seems to be direct alien of 7390 without some functions like DECT, S0 bus, gigabit ethernet etc.

Any ides for testing are most welcome.


Off topic:

I just got myself an Speedport W 700V, yes I know its not AVM, however it seems to be an very stable machine. I got Annex A working firmware for it and currently I am planing to an complete translation of it to English and Italian. If anyone is interested to do lecture of my Italian translation is most welcome.


nuovo utente
nuovo utente
Dear forum members,

Has anyone made custom English firmware for Speedport W722V Typ A?

I guess for someone who knows how to modify firmware -easy to made EN version from existing:
- 7270 V3 FW with disabling DECT, NAS and ISDN extensions (but CPU is another in W722V TypA)
- 7390 FW with disabling DECT, NAS, ISDN extensions (but LAN chip is another in W722V TypA and it have 100MB, 7390 have GB LAN ).

7270 V3 have UR8 CPU and less ROM and RAM memory.
7270 V3 and W722V have same AR8216 LAN chip.
7390 and W722V have same Fusiv CPU.

Does anyone have the EN FW for Speedport W722V Typ A or working on it?

3Speedport 722 Empty Re: Speedport 722 il Gio Lug 04, 2013 5:31 am


nuovo utente
nuovo utente
Differencies between 7270 and 7390

4Speedport 722 Empty Re: Speedport 722 il Gio Lug 04, 2013 7:28 am


This is hard to achieve, however it is possible and it is already done. In past there was one commercial Polish website dedicated as presentation of modified firmwares of different AVM hardware.

It was domain, and there was an table which presented 722 among other boxes with English ready FW. Guy behind this was selling his boxes at popular Polish auction website, however website cease to exist like two years ago.

I have tried to make contact but I had no reply. If you are interested maybe to buy one of his boxes and extract his FW from it, I can give you contact...

5Speedport 722 Empty Re: Speedport 722 il Gio Lug 04, 2013 8:22 am


nuovo utente
nuovo utente
I found similar site....!Box

For example, you have this one!Box/FRITZ!Box+7240/FRITZ.Box_Fon_WLAN_7240.en-de-es-it-fr.73.05.51,2879380270.image

but you must pay for download.

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